Hospice (End of Life)

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Talking about the end of life can be emotionally challenging and physically exhausting. Planning for end-of-life care can be even more difficult and stressful. When a family member is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, he or she often has a strong desire to spend their final days in the comfort and familiarity of their home

At Heaven’s Hands Home Care, we respect and honor how our clients want to be treated and cared for in their final months, weeks and days. The dignity and comfort of our clients is our number one priority. We want your last memories with your loved one to be remembered as a peaceful and graceful passing, while we focus on preserving the dignity and comfort of your loved one.

Add this quote “One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.”
–Jim Rohn

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How We Help

Heaven’s Hands is here to offer emotional support and care for your loved one by working with a hospice agency to help manage their comfort and preserve their dignity. We support, listen, and to develop a relationship with that person that is transcending in his or her illness. We will care for your loved one, helping with personal care, companionship, support, and comfort. The end of one’s life is an emotional time let us help by easing the stress of your loved one’s care. Be there and support as a family member or friend and leave the caregiving to us. We have your back.

Our Services

Personal Care – Baths, Dressing, Oral Care etc.

Preserving dignity – Clean clothes, brushed hair, continence care 

Feeding – Thicker when swallowing gets difficult

Turn & Reposition – Prevent bedsores if bedbound, preventing skin breakdown

Reporting Changes – Body temperature, breathing environment, appetite, disorientation

Monitoring pain – Reporting changes, getting ahead of the pain

Companionship – Moral support and preventing Isolation

Our Hospice Caregivers

Our hospice caregivers are trained and have experience in end of life care. They work closely with the hospice nurse reporting all changes. Our caregivers are compassionate and understand how vital the care they provide is during this emotional time. They take on full responsibility on being the eyes and ears of the client. Our caregivers are trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of their clients. Emotional support is critical and our caregivers care with heart.

Planning for End of Life

Putting a team in place at the start of your end of life journey allows you and your loved one time to better prepare and plan.

Start the conversation

Lead the end of the life planning process

Eliminate key sources of stress for the loved one left behind

Rest assured their wishes can be met

Make a checklist

  • Funeral Arrangements 

  • Important documents 

  • Final Wishes 

  • Estate Information 

  • Dependents 

  • End of Life preferences 

  • Contact Information 

  • Legacy 

Around The Clock Care

24-hour care gives the family the support in knowing their loved one will never be alone during their end of life journey. It's vital to have a team in place to avoid last-minute scrambling. Changes with your loved ones can occur by the hour, having an experienced hospice aide ensures the quality care and comfort your loved one deserves.

Monitoring hourly changes

Continuity of Care

Maintaining Dignity & Comfort

Preventing skin breakdown (bed-bound clients)

Getting ahead of the pain

Quality Care


Emotional Support

Reporting Changes

Reduced Stress for family

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