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At Heaven’s Hands Home Care our focus is YOU! We believe that in order to reach our goals our clients must be the number one priority. We pride ourselves in the exceptional quality of our comprehensive care plan and customer service. From the moment we receive a call we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our clients.

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Heaven's Hands Home Care

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    From the moment we get a call, we are dedicated to understanding your care needs and concerns while educating you in the home care process. We schedule a free in home consultation to learn more about your loved ones needs.

  • Home Care Connecticut


    We create and tailor a personalized care plan in your home. While setting care goals to promote your independence. We asses all activities of daily living while incorporating a holistic approach of the well being of our client.

  • Home Care Connecticut


    We introduce the potential caregiver first to establish the perfect match. We assess and match upon experience, dedication and personality. Our care caregivers, care coordinators and nurse all work together to provide quality care.

  • Home Care Connecticut


    We are with you every step of the way. As your care needs change we adapt by amending care goals, care plan and providing additional resources and service needed, providing progress reports along the way.

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A trip to the hospital can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. Our team is completely focused on your family member care.

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By taking some simple precautions and considering the benefits of in-home care, we can ensure that our seniors enjoy a happy and healthy summer season.


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Serving across: Glastonbury | Hartford County . We also offer Statewide availability for Live-in Home Care Services.

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  • Senior Care Connecticut

    I usually avoid writing narratives relating to my experiences with businesses, and their services, because I guess I just don’t want to be bothered! However, I must make an exception in the case of “Heaven’s Hands Home Care Agency”!

    After years of being the primary caregiver for my dear wife, her Alzheimer’s Dementia progressed to the point that I could no longer assume sole responsibility for her daily care. I interviewed three Home Care Agencies in order to find what I thought would be the “best fit” for us. I was both comfortable and confident in my choice of “Heaven’s Hands”!

    I was most impressed with the kind attention, empathy, professionalism, and patience which were displayed by Shantel Duah (Senior Care Coordinator) making her initial contact with us! The Home Care Aides exceeded my expectations in their interactions with both my wife and me. They did not come across as “just doing their job”, I believe they were truly invested in us and our care! They were “like family” to me, and now that my wife “has passed”, and they are gone, I sorely miss their presence in my home!

    The support of the office staff at “Heaven’s Hands” was also exceptional. If ever I had a question, concern, or issue it was handled in both a timely and most satisfactory manner! Through “Heaven’s Hands” we were able to keep my wife at home throughout her last days on earth, and that has meant so very much to me!!! They indeed were “Hands from Heaven” for us!!!

    Marco Maio
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    I highly recommend Heavens Hands Home care. We were able to fulfill my mom's wishes to be home on her last days. We needed a health aid in a short amount time so she could be home with hospice. They were able to get a wonderful aid within 6 hours. We truly had an aid from heaven(Geiveness), she was our angel in my mom's last 24 hrs. They were very organized,promt, and communication was great. Thank you from our family for making my moms wishes be fulfilled.

    Sheri Hemmavanh
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    I rarely write reviews but I felt that Heavens Hands Home Care deserves a 5-star rating and then some. I am truly impressed with the Duah family behind the business - their kindness, empathy and professionalism goes above and beyond! Hands down the BEST home care agency in CT.

    Mackenzie Maus
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    This is by far the BEST home care agency I’ve ever used. They’re professional and committed to all of their services. I’m so grateful for all the support they’ve been able to provide for my grandma for the past 3 years... Thankyou Heaven’s Hands ❤️

    farrah owusu
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Extremely professional and kind staff. Brought my grandmother in because she's 95 with chonic bronchitis and was living in an apartment during the covid pandemic. Given her age she can be snippy as she's just not used to changes but the staff at Heaven's Hands really made her very comfortable and since then she is more calm and peaceful. They even helped me stay in touch with her as we live in seperate cities. Truly a heartwarming experience.

    Türkan Baltalı
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Our Mom had suffered from Alzheimer's for many years and very recently she took a turn for the worse. We new the end was near and to ensure she had someone with her 24 hours a day, our hospice provider put us in touch with Heaven's Hands. Shantel at Heaven's Hands worked very hard to find a solution and she did so quickly considering the complications due to the COVID crisis. We were provided two individuals who cared for our mom in an amazing way during her last week. They allowed us to video chat with our mom many times a day and ensure she was comfortable. These two individuals provided us with much comfort knowing that our mom was receiving the care she deserved. Even though we could not be there, knowing she had two very compassionate individuals with her provided our family the comfort we also needed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    Mike Conneely
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    We hired Heaven’s Hands Home care over 2 years ago, after interviewing 3 other agencies. After meeting with the coordinators we knew we made the right choice. Our mother was diagnosed with dementia. My brother and I knew she was at a stage that required 24-hour care. Heaven’s Hands had the right approach and the support we needed. Communication was excellent, and they were quick to take action. Our caregiver was well trained and continued to give quality care when mom was at the end of her life. Our caregiver remains an addition to our family as she had a wonderful connection with our mother and the family. She will be joining us for thanksgiving this year. I would recommend this agency anytime. They give their heart in what they do and it shows!

    Stephen J. Williams
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Top notch health care. Experienced and well schooled in medicines. Well above all the other choices.

    Phil Kucinskas
  • Home Care Services

    Staff at Heavenly Hands worked very diligently to find caregivers with quality Alzheimer's experience for my husband. After numerous aides, we were so fortunate to find our angel, Erica, who was outstanding with her ability and compassion to care for him. Her unselfish love made such a difference in our lives battling this disease.

    Evelyn Lyons
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Best home care agency in the area. The aids that cared for my grandfather showed so much compassion and truly became apart of our family. They were consistently invested in their job and proved to be well trained professionals. Along with the incomparable aids, the office staff was always responsive to any questions we had and constantly willing to go the extra mile to satisfy my grandfathers needs.

    Denzel Bruce
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    A great company to work for and very professional environment. It’s been a wonderful job experience, the staff are very helpful and well organized.I truly enjoy working for this company and would encourage all those who want to improve the quality of life of those in need of assistance to join this amazing team. The office staff are very professional and do a great job accommodating both the client and aides needs.

    Bev D.
  • Home Care Services

    We hired Heavens Hands Home Care for 24/7 live-in aids for my mother during the summer months. They were very caring and attentive to my mother who always had good things to say about them. At one point she said she was often treated like a queen.

    Paul S
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    From the moment HH was involved with my mom’s care, I was so grateful. They were responsive, supportive and so caring. Particularly, Shanteek, the Director, Rebekah, the nurse, the CNA’s Vida, Ablavi and Louisa were so amazing, even loving. They were attentive and adaptive to mom’s changing needs. Losing mom was so hard, but having these pros with us made it possible to love mom and be with mom while they did all the hard work and let us be together til the end.

    Tom Cronin
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Shantel and her staff were great with my mom. Comfort took wonderful care of her for the last couple weeks of my mom's life - very caring and patient. Would highly recommend Heavens Hands Home Care.

  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Heavens Hands took loving and compassionate care of my Father. They ensured the care giving process went smoothly, they were accommodating and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They truly cared about our family and I can't thank them enough for all they did.

    Mark Friedman
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Heavens Hands took care of my elderly neighbor who was 93 and suffering from macular degeneration and losing her eyesight. They were compassionate kind flexible and understanding of her needs. They were trustworthy and I felt very comfortable and at peace with them being in the home with my friend. They allowed her to live out her final days at home and assisted every step of the way.

    Karen Boisvert
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Heaven's Hands took excellent and loving care of my Mom. They reacted quickly and expertly whenever our needs changed. I would highly recommend Heaven's Hands to anyone who needs aides.

    Catherine Wilcox
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Shantel was personally involved in every step of my fsther's care. She was also able to connect us to other agencies for further assistance as my dad's needs changed. His caretaker was patient and kind. She kept us informed of any changes or concerns in my dad's health.

    kim mattson
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    I am very lucky to have had Heaven’s Hands Homecare taking care of me. This is now over 2 years that I have needed a caregiver.

    Shantel Duah has been overseeing me for all that time. She is very warm and supportive, and very careful about whom she selects to work with each client.

    Veronica Bedu Addo has been just the right person for me. She has been trained in her care giving so that she is always there when needed, and has helped me to gain courage to move forward and gain mobility, as well as self confidence.

    Korin Messina, manager in the office, is a saint. She has been the person who keeps track of my account and keeps things straight with the Life Insurance Company. I feel I have been in excellent hands, I would happily recommend them to anyone needing this kind of assistance.

    Grace Feldman
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    This is absolutely the BEST home care company ever!!

    Beverlyn D.
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    Amir Diwane
  • Senior Care Connecticut

    faith agbalenyo

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