In-Home Care Plan

24 Hour Live-in Caregivers in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Creating a plan of care is the first step to quality care and building a strong partnership between Heaven’s Hands Home Care and any new client.

We begin our relationship by getting to know our client, their family, and extended support community, if there is one. In our first meeting, our aim is to understand the primary diagnosis, concerns, other healthcare and wellness needs or companion needs, and explore social history and primary interests.

The plan of senior home care is developed collaboratively with the client and family and is designed to:

  • Establish care needs/care goals

  • Act as a guide and basis for the client-caregiver partnership

  • Become an orientation tool for the caregiver (s) to outline expectations and approach to care, prior to beginning services

  • A trace of documented progress or changes

    • Bathing, Dressing, Grooming & Toileting
    • Bathing Assistance

    • Comb & Set Hair

    • Denture Care Assistance

    • Dressing Assistance

    • Incontinence Care Assistance

    • Nail Care (File and Clean)

    • Oral Hygiene Assistance

    • Skin Check

    • Toileting Assistance

    • Housekeeping & Laundry
    • Change Bed Linens

    • Clearing Clutter & Trip Hazards

    • Organizing Household Items

    • Vacuuming & Dusting

    • Meals
    • Cooking Together and Eating Together

    • Incorporating Food Preferences & Dietary Restrictions

    • Menu Planning

    • Nutrition & Hydration Oversight

    • Report Refused Nutrition/Hydration

    • Errands & Transportation
    • Dr's Appointments

    • Grocery Shopping

    • Pharmacy

    • Social Outings

    • Medications
    • Adherence to Time of Day, Dietary Considerations and Activity Scheduling

    • Communication About Adherence & Adverse Side Effects

    • Medication Reminders

    • Remote Care Technology Medication Dispensers

    • Social Engagement
    • Arts & Crafts

    • Cards & Board Games

    • Music & Movies

    • Outings & Social Activities with Friends and Family

    • Story Sharing & Reminiscing

    • Safety Precautions
    • Ambulation Assistance

    • Assistive Devices

    • Bed-Bound Repositioning

    • Fall Risk Evaluation

    • Full House Safety Evaluation

    • Remote Care Technology & Safety Alert Systems

    • Transfer Assistance (Bed, Car, Chair)

    • Quality Oversight
    • Care Plan Documentation

    • Caregiver Matching

    • Family Involvement in Plan of Care

    • Indepth Social History

    • Quality Assurance Visits

    • Lifestyle
    • Adherence to Smoking & Alcohol Reduction Recommendations

    • Routine Exercising

    • Sleeping Patterns

    • Care Communication
    • Communication with Family

    • Communication with Providers Coming into the Home (PT, OT, Home Health, DME, Oxygen)

    • Communication with Providers Out of Home (PCP, Specialist, Pharmacist, Clinic)

    • Dr Appointment Scheduling and Updates

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In-Home Care Plan

Cynthia was truly a blessing to our family and we have grown to love and cherish her very much. Cynthia’s calm and loving spirit got me through facing the end of Dads life. Dad is in a better place now and although he couldn’t speak towards the end I know he would want her to know how much he appreciated all she did for him.

She has a charming demeanor and her commitment to her job is impeccable. She is a skilled caregiver that gave Dad the best care. She never left Dad’s side until I or another family member was there and called to check on him when she wasn’t there. I can not say enough about her! A true asset to the company.

Barbara C.