24 Hour Care

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If you are all alone and have no family either nearby or living let us help you 24/7 so you are never alone. Our caregivers can live with you and respond to your every need. This gives you a sense of security knowing if there is an emergency or immediate need you just to need to call out and the caregiver is there for you. While in the 24/7 care they can help you get around the house, do chores, cooking, cleaning and overall health management. They can even help you if you need to order groceries online or talk to family or friends

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  • Health Management

  • Coordination of Personal Care

  • Safety (Fall Risks)

  • Household (laundry, doing linens, cooking, shopping, doing dishes, emptying garbage)

  • Personal Care (hygiene, grooming, dressing, bathing, toiletry

  • Mobility and Ambulation

  • Eating

  • Medication Reminders

  • Daily Reminders (Day, Time)

  • Phone Calls

  • Answering Door

  • Help Ordering Supplies on Internet or Peapod for Groceries

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