Respite Care

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Are you the caregiver in your family for an aging parent or aging family member or a loved one? Are you overwhelmed with trying to work and care for someone. It can be exhausting caring for someone each hour of each day all while managing your own life. Burnout is inevitable, unless you get help. As a caregiver it is so important to take care of yourself because if you don’t you may not be to care for your loved one. That is why we are here, in order to help you get the break you deserve.

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Whether it is an errand for yourself, grocery shopping, your own personal appointment or simply a lunch with friends you need time for yourself. The better you take care of yourself the better you are for the loved one. It is impossible to work every day, care for a loved one every day and have no break in between, you can only do this for a short time before it will take a toll on you. By giving yourself a timeout for an activity or fun you will be happier taking care of your loved one. We can help by stepping in and doing the things you would normally do while you rest and take a reprieve. We can cook, clean, grocery shop, visit with your loved one, give medication reminders, bathe them, dress them, and talk to them, even listen to music or watch TV with them. Let us help you be there for them always.

  • Relief for the caregiver of the adult (vacation, time off, special occasion)

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