Hospital Discharge Assistance

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If you or your loved one ended up in the hospital whether it be for surgery or some other mishap it can be daunting to come home and not be in shape to do all the things you use to do before you went in to the hospital. It may only be short term or it could be long term, whatever the case you need help. That is why we are here. We can pick you up, bring you home, bring you to follow-up appointments with the doctor, help you seek out sources of medical equipment you may need, special care needs, ambulation, pick up prescriptions, do your grocery shopping, clean, cook and just be there for you 24/7 until you feel strong enough or well enough to be on your own. Our care planners will manage your care and our caregivers will be with you all the way through your recovery. Let us help you get back on your feet. If you live on a second floor you will need extra help to navigate up and down. What about your furry friends……do you have pets? If you do we can help get their food and ensure they are ok too. What is the best thing? When you are weak you feel very vulnerable we will give you a sense of peace and security knowing you can count on us.

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  • Oxygen Needs are Met

  • Seeking Sources of Medical Equipment

  • Special Care Techniques

  • Vision/Hearing – help patient having problems hearing or seeing

  • Transport (Bed to Chair, Chair to Bed, Bed to Walker, Walker to Bed, Walker to Toilet, Toilet to Walker

  • Care Management

  • Senior Transport

  • Ambulating

  • Medical Appointments

  • Seeking Medical Equipment

  • Household Chores (Cleaning, Shopping, Errands, Meal Prep)

  • Special Clothes or Shoes needed

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

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