Chronic Conditions

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Since we are all not getting any younger, as we age we may get conditions we never had before and it can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be if you let us help. For example, if you are older your balance may not be what it once was due to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or dementia. Your mobility is limited now as well. Let up help you by being there for you whether it is assisting you in your mobility in and out of bed, to the bathroom, bathing or just simply walking around your house. Unfortunately as we age we also wrestle with the fact we gain weight more than we lose it. This too can be frustrating if you now are having trouble with mobility because of the pressure on your feet, back and legs due to extra weight. As we age we also sometimes get depressed since our independence is limited, maybe family is no longer in the picture or are not helpful to your needs, your friends are no longer here and everyone seems so much younger and you don’t have anyone your own age to talk to. We can help here too by bringing you to senior activities or centers, getting you involved with others in the community that share the same needs. Physically you could be going more severe conditions like heart issues or even cancer. Let us help you manage your care and your needs. Our caregivers have a wealth of expertise and experience and are ready to serve you.

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  • Physical Health Issues (Diabetes, Heart, Cancer)

  • Mobility Issues (Due to Stroke, Arthritis, Weight)

  • Personal Issues (Depression)

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