Grace Feldman

Author: Heavens Hands Home Care |

Senior Care Connecticut

I am very lucky to have had Heaven’s Hands Homecare taking care of me. This is now over 2 years that I have needed a caregiver.

Shantel Duah has been overseeing me for all that time. She is very warm and supportive, and very careful about whom she selects to work with each client.

Veronica Bedu Addo has been just the right person for me. She has been trained in her care giving so that she is always there when needed, and has helped me to gain courage to move forward and gain mobility, as well as self confidence.

Korin Messina, manager in the office, is a saint. She has been the person who keeps track of my account and keeps things straight with the Life Insurance Company. I feel I have been in excellent hands, I would happily recommend them to anyone needing this kind of assistance.