Marco Maio

Author: Heavens Hands Home Care |

Senior Care Connecticut

I usually avoid writing narratives relating to my experiences with businesses, and their services, because I guess I just don’t want to be bothered! However, I must make an exception in the case of “Heaven’s Hands Home Care Agency”!

After years of being the primary caregiver for my dear wife, her Alzheimer’s Dementia progressed to the point that I could no longer assume sole responsibility for her daily care. I interviewed three Home Care Agencies in order to find what I thought would be the “best fit” for us. I was both comfortable and confident in my choice of “Heaven’s Hands”!

I was most impressed with the kind attention, empathy, professionalism, and patience which were displayed by Shantel Duah (Senior Care Coordinator) making her initial contact with us! The Home Care Aides exceeded my expectations in their interactions with both my wife and me. They did not come across as “just doing their job”, I believe they were truly invested in us and our care! They were “like family” to me, and now that my wife “has passed”, and they are gone, I sorely miss their presence in my home!

The support of the office staff at “Heaven’s Hands” was also exceptional. If ever I had a question, concern, or issue it was handled in both a timely and most satisfactory manner! Through “Heaven’s Hands” we were able to keep my wife at home throughout her last days on earth, and that has meant so very much to me!!! They indeed were “Hands from Heaven” for us!!!