How can technologies help you both as a caregiver and family?

Personal Computer – you can track emails to communicate with a loved one or care manager, keep a record of care notes and health information about your loved one, share pictures with family, share digital photo albums.

Tablet – can use for photos, music, portable entertainment or communication (skype if you are a distant from your loved one).  You can browse the web, check your email, take photos or video, do downloads to help you with your work such as medication management or appointment scheduling, play games with a client, stream moves for a client.

Smart Phone/Cell Phone- There are special phones for the aging with large numbers or help buttons for immediate emergency help.  For the caregiver smart phones allow for downloading of applications, connecting with home base for client care or training, directions for client referral, calculators for figuring mileage calculations.

Digital Cameras or Digital Frames – A great way to connect in a meaningful way with clients, families and caregivers. A picture is worth a thousand words.

MP3 – Download music or relaxation techniques for family or clients and caregivers.  It’s a quick and great tool for anyone who loves music or needs to relax. Destress the client, destress the caregiver, destress the family.

Game Consoles – to use with clients if they are so inclined to like playing video games. If you get a Wii you could even do yoga or other exercise if you, family or client is up to it.

Web Cams - to help with communication between care giver and client, client and care manager, care manager and family.  It’s a two way street of face to face communication using Skype or Google Video Chat.

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Our Care Managers partner with professionals serving seniors in senior centers, rehab facilities, hospitals, assisting living centers, nursing homes, advocates for seniors, discharge planning, social workers, nurses and hospice care.  In order to connect you with resources that could be most helpful to you we have listed some sites below that could help you.


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